Street Art – Philadelphia

Philadelphia became our home officially in January of 2018 and as it happens, our neighborhood (Pennsport) and the surroundings ones are rich in street art, and our lives are all the better for it. Street art in Philadelphia is really from two different realms, both of which I sample in my gallery below.

First would be the official murals undertaken by the Mural Arts Program, which the largest public art program in the country and is sponsored by various organizations including the city of Philadelphia. My images of murals are only but a small example of the vast amount of works found around the city. 

The second is actual street art, mostly illegal, often by very talented creators. Both are blended here as that is how you experience them when you go about your daily life in the city. 

In the following gallery of images are works I have shot over the past year and a half, mostly in South Philly, but a few other areas as well. I have added the locations for most of the images and will come back in and update with the artists. As I shoot more, I will load them here and “freshen it up” from time to time. 

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