Woodcut Printmaking – Ode to South Philly

After finishing my first class in woodcut printmaking in the spring of 2018 I began to think about how I could pay homage to my newly adopted city through my art. Then as I was walking about my South Philly neighborhood of Pennsport, I realized that the answer was all around me.

Philadelphia is a city of rowhouses which over the course of a hundred twenty plus years have evolved and changed. And the residents of South Philly have, over the course of time, developed their own unique way of expressing themselves. Some may think of these changes as cheesy or tacky, but I find them charming in their own special way.

It became very clear to me that I needed to do was to celebrate what most people overlook. During the summer of 2018 I charted more than 60 walks around my neighborhood, venturing further and further south. I began photographing the unique rowhouses of South Philly and settled on a small story home on Earp Street to use as my first woodcut. I am hoping to do many more and will add them as they are completed.