Woodcut Printmaking – My Very First Class

In the spring of 2018 I signed up for a couple of art classes at Fleisher Art Memorial. I was hesitant about how much I would like the Woodcut Printmaking course, but thought it could be a good learning experience. Wow…. Little did I know I was to find a whole new passion and way to express my creativity through the art of cutting away an image on a block of wood and printing it.

During the course of the ten weeks I managed to complete four projects. I wasn’t quite sure yet what to create, but I began to develop my skills at carving ever more challenging designs. The Pineapple was my final piece for the term and I am pleased with how it turned out. Now I have found my creative path and look forward to carving more blocks and making more art.

[Hint: Click on the first image to open in a slideshow.]